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Southwark Star: Vikas

The BetterPoints Southwark challenge allows everyone who lives, works or studies in Southwark to earn BetterPoints for walking/wheeling, cycling and using public transport. Download the app via the buttons or QR code at the bottom of the page to join in and start earning rewards today!

Vikas lives in Camberwell, having lived all over London since moving from New York 24 years ago. He’s used BetterPoints to become less reliant on his medication, lose 5kg and explore all his brilliant local area has to offer.

"BetterPoints was introduced to me by my partner of almost 20 years, and it was straightforward to join. Since joining BetterPoints in 2023, I have changed how I commute to work, as the car was the mode of preference. Since then, the vehicle has gone and I have been reliant on walking a lot more, cycling and taking advantage of public transport. Conversations around our carbon footprint and pollution as a whole have been something we’ve been toiling with for many years. Now, I make assertive efforts to not travel by car (unless I am carpooling) and to walk a lot more within an ever increasing 15-minute city. 
BetterPoints has been a great motivator for me, personally. Since joining, I have seen my health increase, weight decrease by 5kgs and I have become less dependent on my diabetic medication regime. I feel that within another year, I'll be medication free and sustain my health by walking and cycling a lot more.
Being a diabetic, I have a duty to monitor my own health and wellbeing. As such, walking has been a go to activity for me since I moved to London. This has motivated me to explore the nearby regions and encounter parks, trail ways and paths to walk if and when I have sufficient time off. Since I moved to Southwark, I have found that my physical health has improved a lot more and my mental health is gradually catching up! Living in close proximity to several parks has motivated me to hit a minimum of 10k steps per day. 
We recently moved from Redbridge, and having lived a more inner-city life for 2 years now, we're appreciative of how much there is on offer locally. We've managed to explore the weekly markets in Camberwell on East Street, Camberwell Green and further afield. Our downtime has been beneficial in the sense that we're just several minutes walk from so much and we do not regret moving to Southwark and selling our car!"


Well done to Vikas, our latest Southwark Star and winner of 25,000 BetterPoints for sharing his story. Want to be like Vikas and 1000s of others across Southwark earning rewards for their sustainable journeys? Scan the QR code below or tap the buttons at the bottom of the page.

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