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Your Southwark Suggestions

There's nothing better than a bit of local knowledge. As part of our November campaign, we asked for your Southwark Suggestions - those tips and tricks that make your journeys quicker, quieter or more scenic. We've had some great suggestions, here they are:

If walking from west from Rotherhithe (therefore towards Bermondsey/Tower Bridge etc) - walk along the river instead of along Jamaica Rd - a lot more peaceful and scenic!” (Philip, Rotherhithe)
“Absolutely Burgess Park. You can begin by cycling or walking from the Camberwell Road / Albany Road entrance and end it at the Old Kent Road exit. The scenery is breathtaking especially the lakeside. I definitely recommend this track especially for cycling beginners, and if you pick up more courage along the line you could also try the Burgess BMX Track, though can only recommend it for those who are not faint hearted when it comes to adrenaline-fuelled two legs!” (Chukwunwikezarramu, Walworth)
“Use side roads instead of the busy main road. I enjoy views of the quiet streets. Always something beautiful will be there to admire. flower gardens, decorations. As the festive time is close the streets can show lovely winter themed decorations.” (Anon, East Dulwich)
“Walking has made me notice things I rarely paid attention to. I am very new into this but I have noted a few places I would love to go for coffee or even a meal in the very near future. I love to admire the stunning view of the city from Blackfriars Bridge, even when the sky is grey it's still beautiful.” (Eunice, Walworth)
“From Bermondsey to St Thomas's Hospital it’s better to get the quiet route from Citymapper. I enjoy the ride when I do this.” (Graca, Bermondsey)
“Walk everywhere!! There are so many quirky buildings and side streets to explore in Southwark. Food outlets and pubs are everywhere so you can stop to have a quick break before continuing on your journey.” (Samantha, Borough)
“I simply love living in Southwark - having consciously chosen it to be central and not needing a car for health and environmental reasons. I cycle daily to work, enjoying the cycle routes, both the superhighway and occasionally the quiet ways for bikes. It's also great for walking around, there's so many byways avoiding busy roads, it's an incredibly bike and pedestrian friendly place.” (Ash, Rotherhithe)
“I always find great information about cycling on Southwark Council website.” (R, Borough)
“The Southbank is lovely, but if you are in a rush don't forget to cut down to the parallel road and avoid the crowds!” (Matt, Bermondsey)
“There's so many beautiful things to see in Southwark, which you miss by travelling in the car or the tube - try and take in a few different places each day on your way to where you need to go!” (Emily, Elephant & Castle)
“Russia Dock Woodlands is a great hidden gem... when walking the Thames Path you can duck down the path in Rotherhithe (near the Co-op), walk through the woods and then come out at the farm. Such an underutilised walkway (and so pretty!)” (Lucy, Rotherhithe)
“If anyone needs some advice, you can get help from Citizens Advice Bureau.” (Alex, Camberwell)
“I cut through Southwark Park to get from Jamaica Road to Surrey's much nicer than using the road.” (Peter, Rotherhithe)
“If cycling from Gipsy Hill to Peckham, GPS usually wants me to go via the A205. It’s much nicer to go through Dulwich Park, particularly with the autumn leaves floating about.” (Alex, Gipsy Hill)
“Sometimes the commute to work can be a drag. So instead of getting on the tube at the nearest station, I walk down the river to London Bridge station or even cross to Monument. Even though it adds 20 minutes to my journey, it also gives me exercise and lets me enjoy this beautiful city like a tourist for a bit. It really makes the start of my day much nicer.” (Alex, Bermondsey)
“The C10 Cycle Path makes a much more pleasant journey from Bermondsey towards Old Kent Road. It avoids the hassle and noise of the main roads, and is much more cycle friendly. A nice way to go shopping without too much stress!” (Ben, Bermondsey)
“I really enjoy walking through East Street Market in Elephant & Castle. I walk to and from work each day, about 3 and a half miles, and coming out at East Street around dusk on my way home is always really interesting. Seeing the businesses shutting up, the crates being moved and the reflected light from signage makes it really scenic.” (Matt, Camberwell)

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