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Challenge FAQs

Thinking of joining the challenge or have some questions?

Here you'll find some answers:

What is the BetterPoints Southwark challenge?

The BetterPoints Southwark challenge is a free-to-join rewards program designed to help you get active, earn rewards and support local traders and charities. It rewards sustainable travel for commuting and leisure trips, particularly cycling, and encourages regular, healthy activity for residents and employees in Southwark.

How has the BetterPoints Southwark challenge been funded?

The BetterPoints Southwark challenge is funded by Southwark Council.

Why should I take part?

BetterPoints is an award-winning app that encourages people to get active by walking, running, wheeling or cycling more. Taking part will allow you to earn rewards for travelling in active and environmentally friendly ways. You can support local traders and charities with the BetterPoints you earn. The secure and anonymised data your participation provides will also help the council to improve provision for active and sustainable transport, helping to make Southwark a cleaner, greener, more liveable borough for everyone.

How can I get involved?

Check out the BetterPoints Southwark challenge page, or in a nutshell:

Download the free BetterPoints app from the App Store or Google Play.

  • Register on the app.
  • Join the BetterPoints Southwark challenge.
  • To manually record a journey, toggle on automatic tracking and switch it off at the end, it will pick up the correct activity type which you've been doing
  • Or, to log your activity automatically full time, switch the automatic tracking function on and leave it on - the app will then pick up when you’re on the move.
  • Check your points balance on the homescreen and treat yourself via the Rewards catalogue or help your favourite cause via the Donations section

How can I earn points or win a prize?

You can earn points and win lots of fantastic prizes for travelling actively and sustainably, as well as taking part in our many competitions and prize draws, which will be communicated through the app.

What is the difference between BetterTickets and BetterPoints?

BetterPoints can be earned by logging eligible activities - over time they add up. Your points balance appears in the homescreen. Once you’ve collected enough points you can redeem them against vouchers in the catalogue on the app or donate them to charity. 1,000 BetterPoints is worth £1.

BetterTickets are prize draw entries earned for doing a specific activity. The tickets you earn automatically enter you into our weekly or monthly prize draws. The more tickets you earn, the more chance you have of winning. Prizes can include pots of BetterPoints and specific things such as bike helmets.

What can I spend my points on?

You can check out our list of local and national vouchers by tapping the Redeem tab at the bottom of the app. On there, you can also give your points to your favourite charity by tapping Donate.

Can I take part if I use a wheelchair, and if so, how do I record my journeys?

Yes! All kinds of wheelchairs can be logged as 'wheeling' in our app. You download the app as per the instructions above. If you select automatic tracking, the app will automatically log your journey. Due to the motion sensors inbuilt in your device, and our algorithms in the app, it may assume you are cycling, rather than wheeling. In your timeline, after completing your journey, you will be able to amend this to wheeling and your journey will be updated. You will be awarded the same amount of points/tickets as walking, running or cycling journeys.

Do you have any more questions?

If you have any other questions in advance of signing up that are not covered on this page, then please contact

If you are already a BetterPoints app user and have any questions not covered on this page, then please check out the FAQs in the app. These can be found in the ‘Help’ section in the main menu.

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