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January's Southwark Star: Chukwunwikezarramu

The BetterPoints Southwark challenge allows everyone who lives, works or studies in Southwark to earn BetterPoints for walking/wheeling, cycling and using public transport. Download the app via the buttons or QR code at the bottom of the page to join in and start earning rewards today!

Chukwunwikezarramu has lived in Camberwell since 2013. He lives between Burgess and Kennington Park, and spends his free time exploring these places on bike and foot, taking breaks to get stuck into interesting books or magazines.


“I first heard about the campaign from the London Borough of Southwark email newsletter, and I didn’t hesitate to sign up.
Living between Burgess and Kennington Park is an incentive to make the most of both of them, exploring them and being at one with nature. This is the reason I started cycling and walking full time. I am a public servant and do hybrid working with two days in the office. I walk or cycle there and back. On my work from home days, it can come with downsides including some health-related ones like obesity and back pain. To counteract these, I signed up to the BetterPoints campaign so that I was encouraged to get up often and keep moving to be healthy.  
As humans, we tend to do something when there’s a reward. Therefore, the reward of points but also good health are the major motivating factors for me. As a result, my way of travelling has completely changed. I would often drive down to my local supermarket, barber or to see friends but since signing up, I have always cycled or walked to these places instead, picking up some points and maintaining my health along the way. That’s like having your cake and eating it, what could be better than that?!
My family is prone to and has a history of diabetes and high blood pressure. Apart from getting that psychological and spiritual satisfaction, exercise has the potential to delay or completely eradicate most health problems I could be prone to including stress, cardiovascular diseases, depression, anxiety as well as hypertension and diabetes.
In addition to physical health, travelling actively has boosted my mental morale massively. I go out often to socialise with friends and discover interesting and hidden places. But most importantly, I’ve also noticed that travelling actively actually saves time. A car could hold you up in traffic but cycling or walking could not.
Since using the app, I have discovered a lot of interesting places in London, especially in the City of London. That area is not car friendly, therefore the best way to explore and discover it is by walking and cycling. One interesting thing I discovered is that apart from having small streets, most of the streets were named after what they were historically famous for.
I have spent my previous points on Amazon to get essentials including food and that’s exactly what I will do again. Also, my mattress is getting old now, and I have my eyes on a replacement in my Amazon basket. Hopefully, some of the wins will go towards that too!”  


Well done to Chukwunwikezarramu, our latest Southwark Star and winner of 25,000 BetterPoints for sharing his story. Want to be like Chukwunwikezarramu and 1000s of others across Southwark earning rewards for their sustainable journeys? Scan the QR code below or tap the buttons at the bottom of the page.

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